Viktor Yamshchikov

N. N. Repin’s review

Viktor Efimovich stood out with a surprisingly integral vision of nature

Among the many artists who graduated from the Academy of Arts, Viktor Efimovich stood out for his surprisingly integral vision of nature. I remember his works from the 1st year, they spoke about the natural talent of the beginning painter, about his love for what he writes, striving for simplicity and harmony in painting relationships.

Having graduated from the workshop of Boris Sergeevich Ugarov, he acquired a lot during this time, as an artist, as a person who knows and understands art and has an excellent command of the means of fine art. His compositional abilities can be seen in numerous works, paintings, portraits and especially in landscapes of his native nature, without which he cannot imagine himself.

The coloristic sophistication in his landscapes speaks of the great skill that has developed, which is known and appreciated in Russia and abroad. Many of his works are in museums, private collections and art galleries around the world.

N. N. Repin
People’s Artist of Russia, professor at the Academy of Arts

N. N. Repin

People's Artist of Russia, professor at the Academy of Arts