Viktor Yamshchikov

Victor Lopatnikov’s review

The fine arts expanse is filled with diverse phenomena of varying level and merit. Quite a few of them shun the exacting attention from specialists, connoisseurs and art collectors. A great deal of the significant, created through the daily work of a true talent, is left in the shadows.

Meanwhile, the eminence of other — genuine — masters sometimes manifests itself in such a modest manner that the process of their rise to fame takes years and decades.

This is how Victor Yamshchikov stands before his contemporaries – an artist whose creative work continues to gain a wider public recognition and success. He is one of those who mostly prefer to spend days in the workshop or in the open air, only occasionally making his appearance in the public eye. Not everyone is afforded an opportunity to see and perceive his talent, to appreciate the merits of his painting…

Left alone with the canvas, he devotes himself to work, with rapture, sometimes forgetting that the nature of his art is public and is intended to serve people, making their living environment a nobler place. A colorist is a special term that aims to highlight and define the major distinctive feature of his brushwork. A mastermind skilled in using and combining paints.

An artist — that’s what his fellow painters call him. However, genuine art experts and connoisseurs only partially agree with this judgment. Indeed, the originality of his approach and style makes his works stand out from the artistic crowd. His paintings exude a special appeal; there is an aura emanating from them that would not allow to take your eyes off his brushstroke.

The magic of art lies in the fact that it is manifested in the holistic effect on the viewer, allowing to single out only the features and properties of the artist’s individuality. Victor Yamshchikov paints a lot and with great variety. For me, he is a poetic Artist. A lyric Artist. He epitomizes the uniqueness, the inimitable values of my beloved St Petersburg.

The artist’s entire career path is full of individual and collective exhibitions. His works are widely known in this country and around the world. By decision of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Arts, he was elected the Academy’s Honorary member and awarded a silver medal. By the Russian President’s decree, he received an eminent title of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation.

The success that accompanies Victor Yamshchikov in life has not turned his head; he continues to beautifully paint a charming image of the land that he loves so much, remaining a modest, truly national Russian artist.

Victor Lopatnikov
writer, publicist